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This English book titled 'Behind The Closed Doors Of Medical Laboratories (Revealation that can redeem health and save lives)', written originally in Tamil by Acu Healer. A. Umar Farook, and translated by Kuntikana Radhakrishna Bhat in English, got released in Chennai on last Friday.

A brief about this book: 

Medical Laboratories are the foundation of English Medicine. Not only that, it’s believed that they are scientific. Gone are the days when Medical Laboratories were considered as the diagnostic method of English Medicine. Rather they are considered as the common diagnostic method for all systems of medicine. Medical Laboratories paved the way for the destruction of ancient arts like pulse reading which are unique to the traditional systems of medicine. Just because scientific instruments like Microscope, Calorimeter, Centrifuge, Auto Analyzer, Computer, etc., are used in Medical Laboratories, they are given respect similar to that of scientific Laboratories. A person who raises criticisms about Medical Laboratories is likely to be designated as anti scientific, hence such criticisms have not taken shape fully. 

Come, let us see what’s happening behind the closed doors of Medical Laboratories.