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Part 3 - Acupuncture Versus Allopathy (Modern Medicine) - What causes infection?

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Will you please tell us what causes infection?

Answer given by:

Father of Indian Acupuncture. Dr. Fazlur Rahman, M.B.B.S., M.D., Phd. (Acupuncture):

Generally the bacteria are present on the surface of our skin, intestinal tract, and respiratory and urinary passages. But they do not grow in excess as to cause infection as long as the vitality of the skin or the organs is preserved.   In case there appears a weakness in an organ, or, there is a loss of integrity of the skin due to injury, the vitality and resistance of the cells are lowered. To overcome this the number of bacteria increases in order to enhance the immunity of the devitalized cells. At this stage of bacterial growth, there may be mild symptoms of infection. This is only temporary and heals spontaneously because of the growing local immunity, along with the increased bacterial growth. Any interference in this natural growth of bacteria caused by applying antiseptic lotions will stop the immune mechanism from functioning and lead to a sure and progressive infection.

Question :

But, antibiotics do play a role in containing and curing over whelming infections. How can you simply reject them?

Answer given by:

Father of Indian Acupuncture. Dr. Fazlur Rahman, M.B.B.S., M.D., Phd. (Acupuncture):

Antibiotics, in fact, have a very little supportive role in containing overwhelming infections. In the first place, the patient has enough vitality and resistance to withstand the infection without which he would have succumbed to it. Even if you flood him with antibiotics, in the absence of his natural resistance, you cannot achieve anything. For example, in patients who are debilitated and who are poor in vital strength due to advanced cancer or diabetes, even a simple infection becomes fulminant and ends up in gangrene resulting in their death. This will never happen if only the patient has enough immunity and resistance.


I am getting confused!

Answer given by:

Father of Indian Acupuncture. Dr. Fazlur Rahman, M.B.B.S., M.D., Phd. (Acupuncture):

It means you are beginning to understand. Let it be very clear to us.

The first effect of antibiotics is giving a death blow to the immune system of our body.

Secondly, since the antibiotics are chemicals and not in tune with out system, they are poisonous. The moment a medicine enters the body, the body system rebels against it and rejects it. The body strains its every nerve to eliminate it from the body through all possible outlets-through faces, urine, sweat, and saliva. Sometimes they are excreted through the milk and exhaled through the breath also. This is severe form of exertion on the part of our system and in the process it loses much of its basic life energy.

(to be continued.....)


Acu Healer. Kuntikana RadhaKrishna Bhat, D.A.Sc.,

"Acupuncture Can Cure All Diseases."