We find beautiful, sacred and ancient temples in every part of our country, worshipped by our forefathers from time immemorial.

            Cherkudlu Sri Vishnumoorthy temple is one such ancient temple in Kasaragod district of Kerala. The temple is located in a picturesque location, surrounded by green nature in the tiny village, Cherkudlu. It is believed that a pious sage performed penance in this place by performing yaga and because of this, Lord Vishnu became pleased and dwelled in this place. It is soothing to see the Vishnu idol with four hands in this temple and even today we can feel the reverberating presence of the lord.
            Even though the devotees of the deity have continuously strived hard and performed the daily pooja and other periodical rituals at the temple without any breach for more than three centuries, the thatch roofed building of the temple is still in a dilapidated condition and needs immediate renovation. The temple renovation committee, consisting of local devotees and the theists in the surroundings, have already taken up the cause whole heartedly and have undertaken the renovation work of the temple. The work is on steady progress.
            The renovation of the sanctum-sanctorum is almost complete and the expenditure for the remaining works is estimated at Rs.2.00 crore. It is imperative that mobilization of such a huge amount requires support from all the like minded people from all the places. We believe that all the believers will join hands with us in a big way and make our dream possible at the earliest.
            We are confident that you will appreciate our concern and support us in this noble cause. We request your goodselves to send your valued contributions by way of account payee cheque drawn in the name of Shri Vishnu Moorthy Temple Renovation Fund or by online remittance to the committee’s account with Vijaya Bank, Badiadka Branch, with account No. 206601011000038, IFSCode: VIJB-0002066 and be blessed by the Lord. Please also visit our face book account at the details of the work in progress.

With kind regards,
Yours in Lord’s service                        
Cherkudlu Sri Vishnumoorthy Temple
Renovation Committee, Cherkudlu,
Post: Perdala, Kasaragod District, Kerala