Meeting held on August 14, 2016 at KarhadaSamajaBhavana, Mangalore

The 4th meeting of the KarhadaBrahmanaParishath for the year 2016-17 was held on August 14, 2016 Sunday 11.30 a.m onwards in KaradaSamajaBhavana, Mangalore under the Chairmanship of Shri Balakrishna Bhat Kolikkaje, President.

Totally 12 participants including KarhadaSamajaSudharakaSangha, Srinivaspura, Gundyadka (Banangady) with 5 office bearers and also Mangalore unit with 5 participants (including the President of the Parishath), Agalpady and Bangalore with 1 participant each took part in the deliberations actively (Balakrishna Bhat Kolikkaje, S V Bhat, Mahabala Bhat M, K Ramachandra Bhat Natekar, K Ganapathi Bhat, Mahadeva Bhat Kemaru, K Ramachandra Pandit, Sunil Kumar Angraje, Venkatesha Bhat Atikukke, K Vishwanath Bhat, M Purushotham Bhat, Ramakrishna Bhat K).

At the outset, Shri Venkatesha Bhat Atikukke, President of KBS, Bengaluru, welcomed all the participants and recalled that the third meeting was held at Shringeri and today’s meeting would take forward the formation of the Parishath still further. He also recalled the second meeting held on May 15, 2016 at PradhanaKashiSadana,Dongerkery, Mangalore where a committee of 9 members including 2 eminent lawyers of our community viz. Shri RamanandaK. Pandith and Shri M Purushotham Bhat, was formed. Shri R K Pandith was entrusted the responsibility of framing 3 sets of suitable bye-laws/trust deeds for the Parishath. The same could not be circulated to the member institutions/ individual members due to paucity of time and follow-up. Anyway, advocate Shri M Purushotham Bhat who was present, was requested to put forth his opinion regarding the bye-laws for the Parishath. Before that, Shri MuruvaMahabala Bhat, the President of KarhadaBrahmanaAbhyudayaSangha, Agalpady (Kasargod) was requested to present a brief report of the previous meeting (that is the third meeting of the year) held at Shringeri, in the afternoon after the “Shree Guru Darshan” and PrasadaBhojanam.

Shri MuruvaMahabala Bhat stated in the report that the number of gathering of KarhadaBrahmana community from various institutions of different places for the day’s programme was more than 400 based on the region wise reports and other sources. The units present gave a brief report about their activities in the previous and present years and also activities to be held in the coming months of the current year 2016-17. Shri Srirama Bhat Indaje addressed the gathering at length about the difficulties in forming the Parishath and various other issues concerning the community. It was observed that the gathering for the meeting was less than 100 and most of the office bearers of various units did not participate in the meeting and therefore the decision taking about the bye-laws and other aspects of theParishath had to be postponed.Shri S V Bhat, President of KarhadaBrahmanaSamaja, Mangalore had offered to arrange for the next meeting on August 14, 2016 at K S Bhavana, Mangalore.Accordingly, today’s meeting is held.

Shri M Purushothama Bhat proposed to have unregistered written bye-laws, a federal structure and two types of membership – 1. Institutional 2. Individual. This was discussed at length. It was proposed after discussion that institutional membership fees may be Rs. 1000/- (Rupees One Thousand only) and individual membership may be Rs. 5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only) reason being, to have activists in the Parishath and have limited individual membership. Though the Bangalore Unit President Shri Venkatesha Bhat Atikukke proposed to have an Ad-hoc Committee for a short period, it was turned down by the majority & the majority entrusted him with the responsibility to be the convener (Sanchalak), for which he agreed half-heartedly. He finally agreed to take up the responsibilityfor the time being, along with Shri PandurangaGurjarand/or Shri NagarajUppangala. The KBS SudharakaSangha, Gundyadka President, Secretary and Treasurer felt that more units are required to be present in the deliberations for taking certain wide-ranging decisions.

A decision took place about the name/title of the organization – what should be the name/ title of the organization – whether to include or exclude the term ‘Brahmana” in the “KaradaParishath”. Though the President Shri Balakrishna Bhat Kolikkaje was of the opinion of having the title/name “KaradaParishath” only, most of the participants wanted the term “Brahmana” to be retained atleast for the time being.

Apart from organizing Shri ShringeriGurudarshana, the activities of the Parishath also came for discussion. Shri M Purushotham Bhat enlightened that there is a wide scope for a large number of activities in future. Shri Sunil Angraje felt that the employment issue should be given greater prominence. It was proposed to have some more meetings and a conference of the KaradaBrahmanaParishath at the earliest possible, involving a large number of delegates from various units for which wide publicity may be given by all concerned.

Discussions were also held on the difficulties faced by some youths and their families due to inter-caste marriages which has become a reality of our community. Solutions to some of these problems are uncertain and a balance has to be attained. It was felt that life is an adjustment and somewhere some adjustment has to be made for a peaceful living, happiness & prosperity. Shri M Purushotham Bhat advised to be cautious and to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

Shri MuruvaMahabala Bhat, President of KBAS, Agalpady (Kasargod) informed that in the year 2000, during the KarhadaRajataMahotsava at Perla, about 200 topics were listed out and serious discussions took place on various topics which was held on record.

It was decided to hold the next meeting during the KaradaSamajotsava of KBS Bengaluru on September 18, 2016 (Sunday) between 9.30 a.m and 10.30 a.m atYajnaMandira of Shri Shringeri Shankar Mutt, Shankarapuram (Chamrajpet), Bengaluru - 560004. Apart from the 9 Member Committee, from each unit atleast 3 participants, preferably The President, Secretary & Treasurer or any 2 representatives authorized by the executive committee,are requested to be present in the deliberations.

Shri A V Bhat, Bangalore unit President thanked the hosts, i.e. Mangalore Unit for making all arrangements for smooth conduct of the meeting and also for arranging lunch to the participants. 

Shri S V Bhat, President of the Mangalore unit delivered the vote of thanks.

(Report compiled by Shri Atikukke Venkatesha Bhat, President, KBS Bengaluru)