Diabetes - Is there a permanent cure?

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Frequently asked Question:

A person who is diabetic, should he need to make changes in his food style.


When we understand a problem fully well, we are sure to come out of it.
So, let us see what is Diabetes.

Acupuncture principles say that, Diabetes is due to two reasons.

1. Insufficient digestive energy in our stomach.

2. Indigestion: That is for a long period, day after day, when we continue to eat food,  when we are not hungry,  it results in indigestion.  

On both the above situations, our body considers most of what we eat as waste.

It refuses to process that part of food, which it has considered as waste.  Hence, our body refuses to secrete Insulin, which results in increase of sugar level in our body.

The only permanent solution for Diabetes is:

(a) Increasing our digestive energy in our stomach.  

(b) Eating only when we're hungry and drinking water only when we're thirsty.

(c) Going to bed by 9pm in the night.  The reason being only when we are in deep sleep by 10pm, our body produces on its own all the required hormones (including Insulin) and medicines.

(d) Stopping all medicines.  The reason being, our body doesn't accept any medicine given from outside.

Here taking Acupuncture treatment will increase our immunity power.  This will result in increasing our digestive energy to it's required level and give good sleep when we go to bed by 9pm.

When a person does this, he can eat whatever he wants.


Acu Healer. Kuntikana RadhaKrishna Bhat,

"Acupuncture Can Cure All Diseases."