Freedom from Diseases - Principle 5 of 5 - Stop Taking All Medicines.

Your body is the best  Pharmacy, which produces all the medicines required by you. 

And all the medicines given from outside come with severe side effects. So, say no to medicines given from outside."

(To be continued....)


Dr. Deepak Chopra, MBBS., MD.,
in his book: 'Quantum Healing' 

"The frustrating reality, as far as medical researchers are concerned, is that we already know that the living body is the best pharmacy ever devised. It produces diuretics, painkillers, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, antibiotics, and indeed everything manufactured by the drug companies, but it makes them much, much better.  The dosage is always right and given on time; side effects are minimal or non-existent; and the directions for using the drug are included in the drug itself, as part of its built-in intelligence."


If you follow these five principles, you will not get any disease in future and  you can come out of all your existing disease/s.


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Acu Healer Kuntikana RadhaKrishna Bhat,

"Acupuncture Can Cure All Diseases."