I have skin itching / skin allergy. How can I come out of this?

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Principle 1 of 5 - Eating - Continued.....

Yesterday, there was a question to me over telephone from one of the members of this group.  He asked:

What is the cause of itching?


When we continue to eat and drink unmindful of our hunger and thirst, the undigested food remains in our body as accumulated waste.

As we don't keep any waste inside our house, our body which houses our life also doesn't want to keep the such accumulated wastes.

At the first level our body tries to send such accumulate wastes through Fever, Cold, Vomiting and Diarrhea. And when we suppress it using medicines they try to come out through skin.  The reason being accumulated wastes if remain in our body for a long time, it will lead to chronic diseases.

Subsequent Question:

Okay I have skin itching / allergy. How can I come out of this?


- Eat only when you're hungry.  Drink water only when you're thirsty. Go to bed at 9pm in the night.

- After 6 pm if you feel hungry take only fruits or juice.

When it's said fruits,  we should not end up taking the same fruit every day, say for example banana.

Let it be a mixture of all fruits or you can take today Banana, tomorrow Mozhumbi, day after tomorrow Apple, like that.

- Stop using soap for bathing.  All soaps come with harmful chemicals. This also includes the so called Ayurvedic Soaps.

- For cleaning the body at the time of bathing, we can use Green Gram Powder (In Karada Language: Mugha Powder).  In Kannada it's called as 'Hesuru Bele'.  

- Don't take any medicines or apply cream or ointment.

- Keep your digestion very simple.  For this stay away from milk, curd, coffee and tea (with milk), deep fried food items (Chips, Vadai, Chowkuli, etc.), biscuits, bread and pizza.


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