Are you taking more than one medicine at a time? - You are inviting MORE trouble....

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Principle 5 of 5 - Stop Taking All Medicines.

When we go to a Doctor for more than one health problem at a time, say for example,

(1) Fever & Body pain,

(2) Diabetes or Blood Pressure or etc.,

he will prescribe you more than one medicine at a time.

This is called Combination Drugs.

If you think it's Science, and lot of research work is behind prescribing more than one drug at a time, please read below what Dr. B.M. Hegde, M.B.B.S., M.D., has to say on this:

"No drug to date has been studied in combination with other drugs to be administered together in a given patient. In real life situations poly-pharmacy is the rule and not an exception. All the controlled studies are done on single drugs, in ideal experimental set ups, that are far removed from the ground realities of the real life situations in individual patient care.


We had already seen that by taking one medicine, we are inviting trouble.

Now rest assured that when we take more than one medicine at a time, we are inviting MORE trouble.

So, let us say no to medicines.


Acu Healer. Kuntikana RadhaKrishna Bhat, D.A.Sc.,

"Acupuncture Can Cure All Diseases."