Constipation and Drinking More Water

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# Principle 2 of 5 – Drinking Water #


Frequently Asked Question:

Only when I take 2 glasses of water in the early morning, motion goes freely.  What should I do now?


Today morning if the Sunrise, happens 10 minutes later than the scheduled time, what we will do? The only thing that we can do is, patiently wait for the sunrise to happen, is it not?

Similarly, we have to pass motion, only when it comes.  If we induce motion by drinking 2-3 glasses of water, water content in our body becomes excess and turns as waste - poison.  This will lead to diseases.

If we follow the nature's laws (Eating only when we are Hungry, Drinking water only when we are Thirsty, Taking Rest when our body, Going to bed by 9pm and not taking medicines), motion will automatically come out daily during a fixed time.


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