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# Principle 2 of 5 – Drinking Water #


The digestion of any item we drink or eat starts in our mouth itself.  Hence, while drinking water we have to take one mouthful of water at a time and allow it to stay in our mouth for few seconds, then we can swallow it.

It serves three purposes:

1. With the required quantity of water, our thirst is quenched.

2. Water gets digested properly in the mouth.

3. By doing like this, we will take only the right quantity of water and we will not drink excess water.
The saliva in our mouth should digest the water we drink.

There in our stomach, the digestive enzymes which are present in our saliva are not there.  Our stomach has got some other digestive enzymes. When we just pour one glass full of water without allowing it to stay in our mouth, it directly goes to our stomach.  It results in indigestion of water creating diseases.

To avoid this, when we drink water we should allow it to stay in our mouth for few seconds and swallow it.


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