Taking Rest when our body needs it - Freedom From Diseases - Principle 3 of 5

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# Freedom From Diseases #

# Principle 3 of 5 – Taking Rest when our body needs it #

Our body communicates with us continuously through Hunger, Thirst, Rest, Sleep, etc.

We have already seen how it does so through expressing Hunger and Thirst.

Now let us see 'Rest':

What are the health difficulties faced by our body?

Fever, headache, pain, tiredness, giddiness, increase in Blood Pressure, etc.

When our body expresses its difficulties in the above manner, it tells us that there is some repair work needs to be carried out for doing which we need to take rest.

The duration of the rest may be from 5 minutes to  a day or two.  It depends on the severity of the repair work.

Say for example, when the Blood Pressure shoots up or head aches or when we feel giddy, etc., we have to stop all our work, close our eyes and sit down in a place, just for 5 minutes.  On 90% of such occasions, by doing so we will come out of our problem.  If it goes beyond that, it means our body wants more rest.  If we are in our house, we can even lie down for five minutes.

So when you experience these difficulties next time, don't rush to hospital or take pills, because they will not solve your problems.

Okay, if I don't take rest when my body wants it, what will happen?

When we continue to deny the rest required by our body, our body accumulates the rest it needs and it will create a serious trouble which will not allow us to even walk.  Then we will end up in ICU and stay there for weeks together and take the rest required by our body.

So, now the choice is in our hands whether to take small rest of 5 minutes whenever our body wants it or to end up in ICU to take rest for weeks or months together.


Acu Healer. Kuntikana RadhaKrishna Bhat,

"Acupuncture Can Cure All Diseases."