Diseases are effort of our body to send out undigested matter, says Acupuncture.

If there is a waste material in our house which we are never going to use, what we will do?

Will we keep it in our house?

No, is it not?

And if removal of that waste material from our house requires some considerable time and effort, which we find difficult to get during our busy daily schedule, what will we do?

We will wait for the right opportunity, on getting which, we will be able to spend time and put effort in removing it, is it not?

Our body is also doing the same.

Whatever goes inside our body and mind, in the form of food, water, air and thoughts, our body tries to convert them into energy which is required for the day to functioning of it. This is called digestion.

When it's unable to digest it, it tries to send them out every now and then, as faeces, urine, phlegm, breathing out, gas, sweat, tears from eyes, emotions, etc.

But, it happens some times that our body requires more effort and energy, to send out some types of undigested waste material.

Here more effort and energy means, more Immunity Power of our body.

So, our body waits for the right opportunity to increase its Immunity Power, with the help of which it can send out the undigested matter.

When our body carries out such work, it causes pain and discomfort to us, which we have named as different diseases.

Here diseases means, from Fever, cough, Heart Problems, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Thyroid, Cholesterol, Kidney Stone, Liver Stone, Gallbladder Stone ...........  to Cancer, AIDS, Kidney failure, which covers the entire gamut of diseases named and feared by, we, human beings.      

We need not fear about any disease for that matter, if we understand that, Diseases are effort of our body to send out undigested matter, says Acupuncture.

When we have disease, the role of Acupuncture Treatment is, improving the Immunity Power in tune with our body's nature.

To conclude, when we have disease, we should feel happy that our body's Immunity Power has started doing its job.  When something good happens, we should eat sweets and enjoy, is it not?

Article written by:

Acu Healer. Kuntikana RadhaKrishna Bhat, D.A.Sc., 
email: rrkbhat@hotmail.com 

'Acupuncture Can Cure All Diseases'.