Heart problem may make you to live longer....

In my last article we saw, why we should not always relate Chest Pain with Heart problem.

Even if the Chest Pain is due to a problem in the Heart, we need not worry about it.  

The reason being, our body will rectify it, provided if we don't take medicines and follow the 4 Golden Rules (4G) of Nature, which are: 

1. Eat only when hungry.

2. Drink water only when thirsty.

3. Taking rest when body needs it. 

4. Going to bed early in the night. 

Here I would like to tell you a true story which I have come to know personally. 

It happened, long ago, but not so long ago...

50 years back a young man in his twenties, started experiencing Chest Pain. 

That young man's Father took him to a nearby Hospital.  There the Doctors after checking, sent him to a Hospital at a distance of 900 kilometres, which was having facilities and Doctors to handle complicated Heart problems. 

This young man went to that hospital along with his Father. There the Doctors told that he was having a highly complicated Heart problem, which required immediate Heart Surgery. If not done it will lead to a life critical situation. The cost of the operation was several thousand rupees. 

Then the young man's father told the Doctors that he doesn't have that much money to pay for the Surgery, but he can sell his land which is the source of his livelihood and pay the money for the Surgery.  Before doing that, he wanted an assurance from the Doctors, that after the Surgery, his son's life is guaranteed at least for some years. 

Doctors replied that they can't give such a guarantee.  Then the Father told the Doctors that if that's the case, he doesn't want the Surgery which will not only take away his land and may also take away his Son forever.

Before leaving the Hospital, that Father told the Doctors, God will save my son. 

Then the young man started living with some minor difficulties.

He lived happily for 15 years.  

Then he got married and lived more happily for 35 more years. He had three healthy children.

When that young man turned 70 years, one day he was walking with his wife crossing his farm land for attending a function at another place. At that time he felt some discomfort, and sat on the ground. Within few minutes he passed away without any great difficulty.  

The justice of this true story is that,  even if a person has highly complicated health problem, our body which is a product of highly intelligent Nature, has the complete capacity to set it right, without a major medical intervention like Surgery.

Article written by: 

Acu Healer. Kuntikana RadhaKrishna Bhat, D.A.Sc., 
'Acupuncture Can Cure All Diseases.