Part 2 - Uterus problems can be cured without surgery says Acupuncture....

(this is in continuation of my earlier article titled: 'Uterus problems can be cured without surgery says Acupuncture....' )

In this article let us see what is Uterus problem.

Before delving deep into it, the purpose of this article is in the name of creating awareness, not to scare you by explaining in detail about a disease.

I would like to repeat once again that all diseases can be cured in Acupuncture.  So, keep this in mind and read further.

Patients with Uterus problems may experience one or some of the below given difficulties.

Uterus problem can get expressed in a body in more than hundred different ways.

Here only the most common problems are listed out.

* During Menstrual periods, getting pain in the Stomach, Abdomen, Backside, Knee, Breast, anywhere in the body.

* Irregular Menstrual periods.

* Menstrual periods extending beyond 3-5 days.

* Continuous bleeding during Menstrual periods.

* White discharge.

* Putting up body weight.

* Itching in private parts.

* Not getting conceived (infertility).

Now you may ask a good question, that why Cysts, Fibroid, Tumour, are not explained here.  

Like how dirt is good for Surf Washing Powder company, Cysts, Fibroids, Tumours are doing good to our body.  

Let us see how come it's so...........

Whenever long time waste accumulation is there in our body, which the body is unable to send it out through its regular modes like Urine, Feces, Sweat, Menstrual waste, etc., they safely get converted by our body as Cysts, Fibroids, Tumours, etc.

What do we mean by 'safely' here?

It means, these accumulated wastes are so harmful, that when they are allowed to move freely inside our body, they will lead to critical diseases.  Hence our body converts them into Cysts, Fibroids, Tumours, etc.

Then our body waits for the right time to destroy it or send it out.

What do we mean by right time, here?

It means, getting sufficient Immunity Power to destroy or send out the Cyst, Fibroids, Tumours, etc.

It is a protective mechanism of our body, given to us by nature.

If it's not there, these accumulated wastes will get spread throughout the body, creating umpteen number of diseases.

So, let me repeat, Cysts, Fibroids, Tumours, are doing good to our body. 

Here I would like to warn you that when your Scan Report says  presence of Tumour inside your Uterus or anywhere in the body, not to go for Biopsy.

In Biopsy what they do?

For testing the Tumour in the laboratory, they break the protective wall of the Tumour created by the safety mechanism of our body and take out a small portion of the harmful accumulated wastes stored inside it.  Once the protective wall of the Tumour is broken, the harmful accumulated wastes will come out of the Tumour and start freely moving inside our body, which will lead to critical diseases.

Hope, now you have understood how critical diseases are happening to us.

So, the moral of this article is don't invite trouble by going  for Laboratory Testing and Biopsy.

To conclude, in Acupuncture which tunes us perfectly with nature, Uterus problems can be cured without surgery, lab reports, medicines, hospitalization, which involve several thousands and sometimes few lakhs of our hard earned money.

Acu Healer. Kuntikana RadhaKrishna Bhat, D.A.Sc., 

"Acupuncture Can Cure All Diseases."