Dengue Fever & Myth

All the types of fevers are manifestation of simple flu which were suppressed by medicines earlier.

Any one who gives rest to the body and not taking any form of food till the fever gets reduced will eventually comes out of all types of silently growing & acute diseases of our body.

That's why our Forefathers have wisely said: 'Lankanam Parama Oushadham'.  That is 'Fasting is the Best Medicine'.

All differently named fevers are basically "fever" which is created by body to safeguard it from growing diseases. Fever is the best bio-medicine, which can be created only by our body. Never consider it as a disease, it is curing process of the  body.

The body contains all wisdom to safeguard us and also to ease our life. Since we work against our body using our imported external knowledge we change our acute disease into chronic diseases.

Disease free life in any type of environment is always possible if you take natural food of your interest when you have clear feeling of hunger. This is the secret of healthy living beside sleeping early at every night.

Fasting is the best medicine when you have any type of disease.

If people understand this simple life style, the highly profitable food/drug /medicines business will stop. Hence these all propaganda.

Disease by mosquito bite never proved but used to make public panic to flourish their business. Mosquitoes can't be removed from earth and it is the part of eco-system.

- Article originally written by:
Acu Healer. Darvin Raj, Acupuncturist, India
Here it's posted with minor editing by:
Acu Healer. Kuntikana RadhaKrishna Bhat, Acupuncturist, India.