"Give me fever and I can cure every disease." - Hippocrates, Father of Medicine.


- Dr. Henry Lindlahr, M.D.
(In his popular book: 'Philosophy of Natural Therapeutics")

"Give me fever and I can cure every disease." Thus Hippocrates, the "Father of Medicine", formulated the fundamental Law of Cure over two thousand years ago.

I have expressed this law in the following statement:

“Every acute disease is the result of a cleansing and healing effort of Nature.”

This law, thoroughly understood and applied in the treatment of diseases, will eventually do for medical science what the discovery of other natural laws has done for physics, astronomy, chemistry and other exact sciences.  It will, by demonstrating the unity of disease and treatment, transform the medical empiricism and confusion of the past and present into an exact science.

Making a general application of the law, we deduce that all acute diseases, from a simple cold to measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria, smallpox, pneumonia, etc., represent Nature's efforts to remove from the system some form of morbid matter, virus or poison dangerous to health and life. In other words, acute diseases cannot develop in a perfectly normal, healthy body living under conditions favorable to human life.

The question may be asked : "If acute diseases represent Nature's healing efforts, why is it that people die as a result of them?" The answer to this is : the vitality may be too low, the injury or morbid encumbrance too great, or the treatment may be inadequate or harmful, so that Nature loses the fight ; still acute disease represents an effort of Nature to remove the causes of disease and thus to reestablish normal, healthy conditions.

It is a curious fact that this fundamental principle of Nature Cure and law of Nature has been acknowledged and corroborated by medical science. The most advanced works on pathology admit the constructive and beneficial character of inflammation. However, when it comes to the treatment of acute diseases, physicians seem to forget entirely this basic principle of pathology and treat inflammation and fever as though they were, in themselves, inimical and destructive to health and life.