Vaishak Kedambayimoole won ''NRDC National Budding Innovators Award 2018"

Dear Karada Bandhu

On behalf of Karada community, we are glad to congratulate Vaishak Kedambayimoole for being selected for NRDC National  Budding Innovators Award 2018 which comprises of One lakh rupees... !

He is Son of Smt. Geetha Kumari (Headmistress, SVAUP School Swarga, Kasaragod, Kerala) and Shri Subrahmanya Bhat Kedambayimoole (Retired Headmaster, SVAUP School Swarga)...
Vaishak is currently doing his Research in IISc, Bangalore campus.

Those who would like to wish Vaishak on his phenomenal achievement, you can reach to him on his WhatsApp number: 9591106707 or E-mail ID: